Summer Dance Classes 2017


Beginner & Intermediate Classes:  Ages 8-adult. No prior experience needed. Open to all levels. 

Ballet:  Styles you will learn;  Romantic, Classical, Neo Classical and Contemporary Ballet.  

Pointe: By teacher’s permission only. Requirement you must be enrolled in the Inter/Adv Ballet 

Contemporary: Styles you will learn; Graham, Hawkins, Horton and Humphrey Techniques 

Jazz: Styles you will learn; Traditional, Jazz Ethnic, Modern and Funk. 

Street:  Age 10 and up:Hip Hop, Breakdancing and popping and locking. 

Stretch & Strengthening Techniques: Pilates, Yoga and Feldenkrais. Open to all levels 

Partnering:  Experience dancing with fellow students.  Different styles of partnering each week. 

DTTC: “Dance Time Theater Company” class is by audition only.  Require 3 additional technical classes per week.

Turns/Leaps: This is a technique class designed to assist students in focusing on the leaps, jumps and turns that dancers perform in Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary. This specialized class is a way to better your technique when executing basic leaps, center leaps, turns, and fouetté. 

Choreographer’s Workshop: This workshop is a comprehensive study that will aid all who are interested in choreographing and give students tools for success, whether you have experience or if you are even curious about choreographing. THERE IS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE!!!!


What a Deal! Unlimited Classes: $150 individual or $200 per session per family.